Get up and go to Krakow

Stop what you’re doing and book a flight to Krakow. Be prepared to eat your weight in delicious food and explore a beautiful city without breaking the bank (seriously, meals average $5 CAD and have massive portions).

The weekend I spent in Krakow was enough to see the mains aspects of the city, but I can’t wait to go back one day. Despite not speaking a word of Polish (believe me I tried to learn hello, it was pitiful), I avoided getting the stink-eye from all but one person while visiting. English is common and the city is easy to navigate.

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I’ll be honest. Before visiting Luxembourg I knew little about the city or country. By little, I mean very little, such as:

  1. Luxembourg is a small country
  2. They have some sort of royal family (a Duchy actually)
  3. They speak French, German and Luxembourgish

I’m still far from an expert, but I can now list more than 3 things.

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