Prague, Vienna and Budapest

This is one of those posts where I’m not sure where to start and how to fit everything in. So bare with me as I try to recap a hectic yet awesome 8 day trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

One of my best friends from home, Kathleen, came to visit for two weeks. After spending four days in Lille and Ghent, we left for our trip.

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Croatia: Split and Zadar

50 euros for a round trip flight to Croatia? Don’t mind if I do.

For Spring Break in April, three of my friends and I flew to Croatia for 6 days. Landing in Zadar we took a 3 hour bus down the coast to Split. Despite a lost in translation moment with a Croatian bus-driver(a lot of pointing was involved), we made it there no problem.

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Get up and go to Krakow

Stop what you’re doing and book a flight to Krakow. Be prepared to eat your weight in delicious food and explore a beautiful city without breaking the bank (seriously, meals average $5 CAD and have massive portions).

The weekend I spent in Krakow was enough to see the mains aspects of the city, but I can’t wait to go back one day. Despite not speaking a word of Polish (believe me I tried to learn hello, it was pitiful), I avoided getting the stink-eye from all but one person while visiting. English is common and the city is easy to navigate.

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I’ll be honest. Before visiting Luxembourg I knew little about the city or country. By little, I mean very little, such as:

  1. Luxembourg is a small country
  2. They have some sort of royal family (a Duchy actually)
  3. They speak French, German and Luxembourgish

I’m still far from an expert, but I can now list more than 3 things.

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